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Casey Calvert Destroyed in a Dungeon Modelstied katie thornton If you ever date this girl, do me a favor and paddle her some more. Gangbang BDSM In this video Michelle plays an older woman. Tammy portrays the star player of the school basketball team. Paddling Brittney.

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Then she must stand in the corner and think about it. Anita is a secretary who is breaking company rules. Her boss has to discipline her with his hand, a ruler and a paddle. Little Brittney's butt looks so good in her tight blue jeans. I could have slapped it all night.

I won't tolerate a wife's disobedience. Would you? I don't care if I have to use my wooden paddle if that's what it takes to straighten her out. Kim is my executive assistant. She is an attractive, 33 year old Laotian. I was concerned that she was developing a bad attitude in the office so I suggested she come to my home to be disciplined.

She complied. This 29 minute video was made specifically for one of my many European customers. Tammy portrays the star player of the school basketball team. While her coach was on vacation she got lazy and skipped some practices. Upon his return he finds out about her negligence. He decides to supervise her workout with the aid of his leather belt.

Afterwards, he bends her over a bench and punishes her with the belt and an old style bamboo cane.

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I met Anita at the local St. Patrick's Day outdoor festival. She was flashing guys just to be rewarded with cheap bead necklaces. She is so proud of her 36 triple D's that she was showing them off to everybody.

I told her she needed to come to my house for a good talking to. She came over and got the first spanking of her life which she so badly needed. Natalie tells us about an incident from her past. Seems she stole her parents car while they slept. Claudia and I play her parents in this re-enactment of her punishment.

Anna is the niece of my assistant Kim. She is an 18 year old southeast Asian with the sweetest tits this side of the Yangtze River. She thought it might be even better to be spanked by a man. When she asked me to be the first man to spank her, I said I would and that I would like to make a video of her experience.

I hope you enjoy watching this sexy young lady getting her first adult spanking. Tiny Brittney is in her first year of college and is showing signs of laziness when it comes to studying. I teach her that bad grades will not be tolerated. He asked me to film a fantasy of theirs. He pretends to be her son and I play the part of her boss.

The guy couldnt seem to keep a straight face and stay in character. However, it is worth watching just to see this hot milf getting spanked naked. She is not only late but she is drunk. Her father catches her sneaking in and decides to discipline her. This is the sequel to "A Painful Memory". Natalie has Claudia and I act as her parents in a re-enactment of an incident from her past.

In this sequel Natalie shows us what it was like when she was spanked by her mom just one day after her father had disciplined her. My smart-mouthed girl friend tries to go out wearing a skimpy outfit made of latex. When spanking her hard with my hand doesn't change her mind, I break out the paddle.

In this sequel to "Michelle Gets the Paddle" my ex-gf gets what I eventually found out she really deserved. If you ever date this girl, do me a favor and paddle her some more. Brittney is only 4 feet 5 inches tall. She is not really the queen of the munchkins but she could be because she towers over most of their womenfolk and, as we all know, munchkins love huge tits.

More importantly, she has always been a fan of my website and wants to be one of my models. In this video Michelle plays an older woman. Anna is the beautiful niece of my executive assistant Kim. Anna in real life had just turned 18 and this is her first video.

The reason for the unusual ideas and dialogue and costumes is that this was made for a single customer. He wanted these specific scenarios. Holly is a real life submissive whom I have known for years. This girl can take one heck of a hard spanking. This is the sequel to "Breaking Curfew".

Sorority girl Sophia is still living at home. She has been spanked by her father for coming home late and being drunk. In this clip she sneaks out of her bedroom to try to get one more drink before sleeping. Her father catches her and gives her a long, hard bare bottom spanking. How many of you wish you could spank your stepdaughter? Well, when its her idea, you can. She never dreamed I would spank her so hard but I promise you that she deserved it.

In a recent audition, new model Cricket is spanked fairly hard in different positions. This is a short segment from a long custom video. In the full video you see tiny Brittney show up late at the house of her math tutor. He discovers that she stopped on the way to do some shoplifting at an adult toy store. So, of course, he has to paddle her. In this 44 minute custom made video, Tammy plays an 18 year old who lives at home.

She is very immature. She gets spanked by her father for staying up late, for wearing inappropriate panties, and for bedwetting. In this 38 minute video, Brittney tests her tolerance for the flogger. I have included some footage where I also use a belt, a hairbrush, and my hand. This new model endures a 12 minute nude spanking. Brittney is an 18 year old with the maturity of a 3 year old.

This big-titted, diaper-wearing, bed wetter can't seem to stay out of trouble. Her dad is a half-crazy, heavy-drinking, maniac who disciplines Brittney with his hand, a belt, and a hairbrush. Kristine plays a secretary. She gets spanked on her jeans in two scenes. In the first scene she is spanked topless and the second includes some spanking on her bare butt.

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When she hangs up though she tells herself no more Mrs. I told you I had a surprise for you and here I am. She is taking it in her pussy at first but after the guy rubs her little asshole she is all for taking it up her big ass. Drinking and Driving. I will chain you up and tease you hard 7: In the first scene she is spanked topless and the second includes some spanking on her bare butt. Enter your name and email address below: All the images and video clips contained herein are for the private enjoyment of the viewer of this site only.


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