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I could only swallow eight of his ten inches but it was enough for him to cum in buckets down my throat. I saw like 10 cars out front. User Name Remember Me? Posted Oct 13 Some recommended locations in Raleigh: Note to Reviewers: Any young or hung going through this evening after 9pm.

Sex Scene and Prostitution in Raleigh

Heading there now. Anyone up? I wont be able to make it today. I would love to hook up with you sometime. Army Officer I will take you Never been to a bookstore but definitely up for it Who is gonna take me and show the ropes? Want to meet a hot top and share a booth hit me back. When is a good time to go? Anyone go here on Sat nites?

What is the cover? Any young or hung going through this evening after 9pm. Sounds hot I iwll be there tonight 8 any one want to come and take a booth. Live near by and one want to meet. Anyone visited here lately. Are there glory holes? This be the place. Better than ever. I do hope you are not upset with me, that would break my heart.

Looking for a heavy loader, btm looking to meet there. I will be there today, with a full load. Hope to get relieved. Hi BiGuyNC: I'm interested. Let me know when you'll be there for sure I thought about going tonight.

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Anyone there on a saturday nigiht?

Ssluttysusan, I'll keep you busy myself. It will be a HOT time. Will be stopping by there this evening around 8 hit me bacl. Any one going tonight. Pretty fun place, was there a couple of days ago, lots of action. Keep Healthy Massage Center. A Massage. SuperRelax Massage. Apex Massage Spa.

Blissful Chinese Spa. Canaan Massage. Skin Surfer Esthetics. Wake and Durham County outcalls, NC, Capital Blvd News Adult Superstore. For escorts you are best off checking online listing websites. One popular site is www. Another is www. Therefore there are not just escort agencies or high class prostitutes that have a large marketing budget.

In other words, you will be able to view escorts for all budget sizes. Confused by any of the sex terms on this page? Check out www. Professional Ladies. Street prostitutes can be found in the following locations: Strip Clubs in Raleigh Some strip clubs that we recommend: Quality Bath House.

Some recommended locations in Raleigh: Swingers Clubs in Raleigh Legal and present. Our recommended swingers clubs are: I sucked a couple of guys and then got in some hot group action. There are lots of nooks and crannies for hooking up and there are large video rooms for more open action.

There is always action here. Posted Aug 01 Every time I'm in town I stop by and have had great luck. A lot of hot! Sure, the place is a dump and some of the video equipment is broken but it is a great place to hangout and watch or join in the action. Noontime is great as is Saturday afternoon. Posted Jul 27 Very few people are going here anymore.

I talked to one of the managers who is cool about stuff and he seems to think the economy is affecting guys' wallets. Posted Jul 17 I was there recently while passing through town. It was around There were lots of cars in the lot, but few guys. It was dark and dirty and I left.

Nothing going on there. Posted Mar 07 Still my favorite place in town. Yeah, it's dirty and sort of smells and a lot of the video equipment doesn't work but you can always get some dick and usually some killer group action. Or you can just relax and jackoff in the open in one of the theater rooms.

The cover charge is too high to go in if the parking lot's not packed and if you plan to come back later after you leave, be sure you can describe the clerk who let you in and remember the color of the ink on your hand. The blacklight does not pick up the highlighter ink and the clerk doesn't trust you even though you have a ticket with a date on it.

If you're looking for m2m sex, this is the place. I usually go around 10 am to 2 pm for the lunch bunch. You can stand in the very back room, in the dark corner, and see every guy, at one time or another, that enters the arcade. If you pull out your cock, they'll swarm to it like bees to honey. Lots of group gropes in the back. Highly recommended.

Posted Oct 16 Posted Oct 13 Stopped by while visiting. Great setup with booths and small theatre rooms. The back play area is huge and the staff is easy going. The usual trolls are there but hot guys too. I hooked up with a really hot horny guy and fucked around in a booth with a window while a big huge hung black dude stroked and watched us. Thumbs up! I was in town on Wednesday evening and went to check this place out.

I watched one guy in the booths jackoff until he came, then toured the TV rooms. There was some hot action going on in the alcoves throughout the place. There were a few old trolls but there were some hot young guys. Met this hot guy who took me to a private room and sucked my cock like no one else. He was awesome and could kiss great too.

Wish he and I could chat more. Was new to the whole scene but he showed me the ropes. Posted Jun 02 I went last night and got fucked by three guys at once and I sucked so many dicks I lost count. Then the assholes that run the place turned the lights on at 4 am to run everyone out so they could clean.

Other than that Posted Mar 12 Pretty high cover charge to enter the arcade. It has multiple theaters and a couple of dozen booths. Posted Mar 11 Great place, the staff is nice and usually there are good-looking guys here. I would give it a seven on a scale of ten. Yes, it's grungy but if you leave horny it's your own fault!

There are some booths here but the action is in a rabbit warren of dark alcoves off the open TV rooms. This is serious group sex - five or six guys at a time, groping, sucking, and fucking. In two visits this week I sucked four cocks and fucked two hot asses Posted Jul 31 I visited this afternoon Sunday and was very surprised to see it was so busy in the middle of the day.

Lots of hot guys ready to play and I was surprised to see there was not the typical attitude. Had a great time all afternoon and stayed much later than I planned. I will definitely go again next Sunday afternoon. Posted Jun 29 This place has turned into a lounge for queens who do nothing but stand around and then follow anybody who looks good. They seem to think that just because you're there you're supposed to let them have their way.

It used to be a great place. Posted Jun 25 Guys, this place just keeps getting better. Improved layout with more secluded dark spots for one-on-one or group action than before. Starting to get some local wallflower queens chatting up the trade. Be careful and don't scare 'em off with your hair-burner talk. Some fine dick to be had if you're patient and determined.

Posted May 10 I think this place is awesome. I have been able to be pivot for several guys on many occasions. Have often left with several loads of cum still visible on my face. Like many places though, you have to be patient if you want cum. Lots of guys will let you suck but often don't want to cum at that moment.

Posted May 01 I visited once traveling through and stayed over three hours! Lots of nice dick to be had and lots of married men too. I will be taking another trip to visit this place. Lots of action including circle jerks and watching guys get fucked. I highly recommend this place! Posted Jan 19 Hey guys, this place was jumping in the middle of the week. It's a big place.

There are great hiding places and a nice selection of all types of guys. It's definitely the best place to get action here in the triangle. Posted Jan 06 I moved to Raaleigh not too long ago and discovered this place. The staff is very friendly and they do not bother you at all. I have had a lot of sex with a variety of men on more than one occassion. I have also been in group scenes where I got dicked at both ends several times.

It is a bit dirty, but they try to keep it clean. I higly recommend it. Posted Oct 31 Yes, the facilities are nasty, but the sex more than makes up for it. I visited at 11 pm on a Thursday night. A guy and I checked out each other through the buddy booth glass and met in the straight TV room, then moved to a booth and exchanged blowjobs. During my next visit, the next day about 2 pm, I discovered a storage room off the gay video room, and heard noises--it was a guy giving blowjobs.

Then I felt a guy groping my crotch and I let him start sucking me. Then it really started. Guys came in and multiple mouths moved to multiple cocks. One of the better looking guys and I went into a booth where I fucked him, then went back to the orgy room and shared in the pleasures again. I wound up with one mouth on my cock and my thumb up another ass, wishing I had a condom with me.

Unfortunately, they don't sell magnums and I'm thick. After a few minutes more I let the first guy who blew me swallow my load. Overall, this place is the spot for unbelievable sex. Maybe just as well that it was dark, but hot, hot, hot.

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I'll keep checking this place out--seems to be really busy in the afternoons. I highly recommend. This morning I ran into the bookstore for a quickie in the back video arcade.

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